Stacy Kent

Mafia City of Lost Heaven - an excellent game

Released without much fuss, Mafia gives the action from Max Payne combined with the exciting racing and the opportunity to explore the entire city of Grand Theft Auto III. And what is more impressive is the fact that the game is not experiencing various problems that various games have, but come from small producers - play various games.

To speak about Mafia game, we inevitably talk also about GTA, because both of them take place in cities detailed designed that you can fully explore, both involve stealing cars and avoid the police and both have stories that sink you into the mafia world.

The live city from Mafia game, a 1930 metropolis called Lost Heaven is full of cars, pedestrians, has different neighborhoods, subways and you can even leave the metropolitan area for a trip to the country.

The game begins with a video sequence where the main character Tommy meets detective Norman in a café. Tommy gives him some name, accounts, appointments in exchange for his protection and his family. Here begins the story that Tommy tells to the detective about how he entered the organization.

The game begins with a race in which two individuals ask Tommy to escape pursuers. After you have escaped, at the bar the two thank you and they say that they owe you. After doing the taxi several times, the guys that have followed you on your first missions come and destroy your car and want to beat you. Then you run and you get to Salieri bar. You find out that the guys that attacked you are Morello guys' and thus you are introduced to the organization. More details about the missions you can find out playing the game. I really do not want to be a spoiler.

The graphics of the game is amazing benefiting the game in all locations, the engine used is the one from Max Payne. Driving simulation is excellent and exceeds the speed limit if the coops seek to fine you. Also, if you do not stop at the red light, the police strikes you and you have to stop and pay the fine.

Music is typical of that era and together with the cars and the clothes you feel like you were there. This is an excellent game that will offer you unforgettable hours of fun filled up with a great story - enjoy a great game.